Principal Investigator

Prof Vivek Shenoy

Prof Vivek Shenoy is the Eduardo D. Glandt President’s Distinguished Professor in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. He serves as the Director of the NSF Science and Technology Center for Engineering Mechanobiology (CEMB).

Professor Shenoy’s research team focuses on developing theoretical concepts and numerical methods to understand the basic principles that control the behavior of both biological and engineering systems. A significant challenge in modeling biological systems is that important processes involve coupling of both small-scale (nucleus, cell) phenomena and long-range (tissue, organ) interactions over length scales of micrometers to centimeters. The goal of our group’s work is to address these issues by developing multiphysics continuum or mesoscale theories and by adapting insights from soft matter physics, solid mechanics, chemistry, materials science and applied mathematics.


Dr. Aayush Kant
Dr. Yue Zhang
Dr. Mohammad Dehghany Dahaj
Dr. Anuja Jaganathan
Dr. Andrei Zakharov
Dr. Monika Dhankhar
Dr. Amrit Bagchi
Dr. Rohit Joshi

PhD Students

Ramin Basir

James Glazar
Zixian Guo
Joshua Toth
Vivek Sharma

Visiting Scholars

Dr. JungHwan Lee

Group Alumni

Dr. Akash Singh, currently at Indian Institute of Technology Patna, India

Dr. Chris Price

Dr. Ze Gong

Dr. Farid Alisafaei

Dr. Nathan Frey

Dr. Eoin McEvoy

Dr. Arkamita Bandyopadhyay

Dr. Ehsan Ban

Prof. Hemant Kumar

Dr. Xuan Cao

Dr. Dequan Er

Dr. Jin Wang

Prof. Han Ye, currently at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Dr. Hossein Ahmadzadeh

Dr. Alireza Ostadhossein

Dr. Liang Dong

Dr. Xiao Wang

Prof. Hailong Wang, currently at University of Science and Technology of China, China

Dr. Maria Stournara

Prof. Dibakar Datta, currently at New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark

Dr. Ehsan Kabiri Rahani

Dr. Junwen Li

Dr. Abhilash Nair

Dr. Rassin Grantab , currently in ABAQUS

Dr. Priya Johari

Dr. Sang-Pil Kim

Dr. Ying Chen

Dr. Akbar Bagri

Prof. Nikhil Medhekar, currently at Monash University, Australia

Dr. Ivan Milas.

Prof. Christian Ciobanu, currently at Colorado School of Mines.

Prof. Ashwin Ramasubramaniam, currently at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Dr. Yu Xiao, currently at Intel Corp.

Prof. Mandar Inamdar, currently at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

Prof. Dhananjay Tambe, currently at University of South Alabama, Mobile.

Dr. Vishwanath Hegadekatte, currently at Novelis, India.